Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge F&AM of Maryland

Prince Hall Masons in Maryland trace their history to Massachusetts and to Prince Hall. (September 12, 1748 to December 7, 1807). It was on March 6, 1775, that Prince Hall and fourteen other free Negroes were received and initiated into a Lodge of Freemasons at Castle William, Boston Harbor (now Fort Independence) by the Master of Lodge #441 (a military Lodge of the Irish Registry) attached 38thFoot Regiment.

In March 1784, Prince Hall petitioned the Grand Lodge of England, through a Worshipful Master of a subordinate Lodge in London for a warrant or charter. On September 29, 1784, the warrant was issued authorizing them to be constituted into a regular Lodge. On May 6, 1787, they formed African Lodge #459. On June 6, 1791. they formed a Grand Lodge: and on June 24, 1908, six months after the death of Prince Hall, the Grand Lodge adopted the name THE MOST WORSHIPFUL PRINCE HALL GRAND LODGE, FREE AND ACCEPTED MASON OF MASSACHUSETTS.

The first Masonic Lodge of Color in the State of Maryland was Friendship Lodge #1, which was founded February 2, 1825. St. James Lodge #2 and Enterprise Lodge #3 soon followed; and, in 1845, these Lodges formed the first Colored Grand Lodge of Maryland. Today Prince Hall Masons of Maryland are members of THE MOST WORSHIPFUL PRINCE HALL GRAND LODGE OF FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS OF MARYLAND AND ITS JURISDICTIONS, INC. These Lodges and Prince Hall Lodges of other States evolved from African Lodge #459.